Jan Konetzki
2012 Winner, Director of Wine and Chateau Latour & Artemis Domaines Ambassador
Four Seasons Hotel

Jan KonetzkI. He inspires, provides the world class service and stands for uncompromising quality. Jan also breaks every common cliché in the wine business, maintaining an almost casual and playful style of handling professional conventions. On the foundation of his enormous sensory talent, his expertise and his stylistic confidence, he never misses to hit the mark. After a sensational career in hospitality, Jan is today one of the UK’s most distinguished sommeliers, working with top chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Anne Sophie Pic and Clare Smyth. As brand ambassador for Château Latour he also represents one of the most prestigious and well known wineries in the world. And, as Director of Wine for Four Seasons, he defines the standards of the entire wine business at the Ten Trinity Square Hotel and Private Club in London with its several restaurants and the exclusive wine members club. Jan also received numerous awards for his work, including "Moët UK Sommelier of the Year 2012" and is himself a member of various judging panels and juries.

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